Thursday, December 5, 2019

That Sweet Sweet Smell of Industry in P:G

I remember the first time I ran past all the vendor stalls in Serbule and laughed out loud at all the people standing in a row selling stuff. At the time I thought it worked just like Everquest where you step up to a platform and type a slash command to set yourself as a vendor. Spoiler alert: it doesn't work that way at all.

There's an NPC called Selphie that will train you in the arts of "Retail Management." It'll either set you back ~18,000 councils to train Retail Management outright, or (if you're a sucker like me) you can raise your Industry skill up to 25, and then it'll only cost you ~1,000 councils.

yes, yes Selphie's gaze is unnerving  . . . is her name a pun? I think so?

The way to level your industry outside of retail management is to complete work orders. (I talked about those a few posts back.) Yesterday I found two sweet work orders for leather armor I could fashion that netted me just enough experience to crest into 25.

Now that I had retail management, the next thing to do was to find a vendor to hire.  Yeah, those rows of people standing in stalls weren't players, they were NPCs that players hire. (That's a step up from Everquest, right?  Pretty smart on the dev's behalf too because keeping your computer running all night logged into the bazaar was freaking annoying and I'm sure it also consumed a lot of server resources.)

That's when I found someone with an equally unnerving gaze as Selphie, and her name is Nirillora . . . the vendor standing in stall B-13. Hey! B-13 is my favorite vitamin! Orotic Acid! The vitamin involved in the synthesis of phospholipids, nucleic acids, and bilirubin!

It's not her fault she looks like a smurf gosh dangit . . .

I like Nirillora's style, so I hired her for 250 councils and gave my shop a brand new shiny name.

Am I right?

I have a surplus of leather! Let's do this! Now for a shop tagline . . . hmmm . . . .


The next thing to do is to set your items to sell with a price tag, and that's it.

Get yer leather here, fellow Gorgon freaks!

This morning I logged in to see how Nirillora did overnight and waiting for me was ~7000 councils .  . . although none of the profits were actually from leather.  Nope.  You know what sold?  Stomachs, poison, and rage to heat potions. *shrug*

Thanks for the business, Sarsparilla!

So pretty good night I'd say, and I'm up on councils made vs. spent, so I hired Nirillora for a second day and . . . ouch . . . the cost went up to ~350 councils. At least I gained a bit more Industry experience while hiring her.

The cost seems pretty punishing and makes selling by the penny profit model a difficult task. I always wondered why players never sold really lowbie materials in their shops, now I know why. A newbie couldn't afford the prices you'd have to put things at if all you sold were lowbie items.

OH! BY THE WAY! I must say this to anyone reading this post that may be thinking of using the player run shops. Rather than pecking through each shop trying to find the item you want, you click on the little pink golems running around.

These little guys help you search for what you're looking for. I didn't realize this until I was like a month or two into the game. You're welcome.

What's with all the B shops selling Crude Leather? Only the Shop Golem knows . . .

Feel free to drop by my shop "Leather . . . Am I right?" and buy all the stomachs you can. I ain't cheesemaking just yet. Have at 'em!

Happy Dueling!

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