Saturday, December 14, 2019


Rumor has it that about 3-4 times a year, a special event comes to Project Gorgon and this weekend is one of those times.  This is the first time I've been present for the "Attack of the World Bosses" event, and it's pretty crazy.

That's a pretty rowdy crowd of people, Project Gorgon . . .

In a way it reminds me a lot of the nights spent in Guild Wars 2 as you'd run from World Boss to World Boss as you track a timer on when they'll spawn next. Groups of people both formally and informally form up and pass the time while waiting for the Big bad to spawn.

Insta-death skulls make fighting "Claudia the Hag" a scary affair.

When the Big Bad spawns, you hit fast and hard until they drop. Everyone gets some loot from the body, and then you can run over to a chest and get a second pull for loot.

Yes, I will take some level 80 rarity boosted loot please! Yum!

Unlike Guild Wars 2, a nearby portal will whisk you away instantly to the next World Boss that you need to defeat . . . unless you didn't defeat the boss that was near the portal, then it's locked down and you'll have to hoof it old school style to the location of the next boss.

This year, since the Fae Realm is new-ish to the game, the event has a new added boss in the Fae Realm that is your final stop in the event before it resets in four hours time.

Behold the Hot Flash!

Yes, that's a giant phoenix and yes, her name is Hot Flash.

Hot Flash has been causing a few problems, and the devs even paused the event for a bit this morning trying to improve the experience. Really the problem here is two fold:

1- The portal leading to Hot Flash is actually quite a run to where you fight her.  This leads to everyone dying on the way to the fight spot as they agro Basilisk Controllers, War-Trolls, and all kinds of big baddies.
2- After everyone is actually at the right spot, Hot Flash is surrounded by two other giant phoenices named Spark and Ember. To make matters worse, Spark and Ember also have boss level Blinding Wasps that accompany them . . . so . . . it's a lot of death and dying while just getting set up.
Basically, everyone dies 4-10 times just trying to get to the area and separate Hot Flash from her sisters. It's a bit of a mess, but that RARITY BOOSTED loot at the end plus two event keys is so worth it!

Hot Flash subsided . . . now bring on the loot!

The event only lasts a couple days, so now is the time to log on before it's gone for another few months!  It's really fun to be in a mass of that many people and see how you're stacking up to the real heroes of Project Gorgon.

Oh . . . to have the damage output of ProfessorCat or Mirromorka . . . 

All in all the event is a huge blast . . . just don't be like me and forget to turn down your graphics quality . . . I crashed out when running Ultra graphics.  My computer just couldn't take it. Missed out on some great loot a couple times because of it.

There's a lot of particle effects flying here . . . just sayin'

Happy Dueling!

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