Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Seek Objective: Best gosh darn skill in Project Gorgon?

In the comments to yesterday's posts, Bhagpus mentioned that he had never discovered the skill for orienting yourself to a goal in Project Gorgon (kind of like a quest arrow). To be honest, I wasn't ever paying attention good enough the first time it happened to know how it happened!

So, I went information hunting on the Googles because after deleting my first character, my new character didn't have this skill, and I've been seriously missing it; although, I am really getting to know these NPCs in Serbule after spending around 6 hours stumbling around here.

Anyway, after some poking around, I finally found the skill in question buried within the Foraging skill, which makes sense I guess. A lot of the early quests have you hunting for wood and berries and apples. A skill that helps point you toward those items would be great.

I had been super neglectful picking up apples along the way and so kind of just let my foraging skill sit by the wayside.  Big mistake. I also made a big discovery, sawing random wood in the wilds is not part of the "woodworking" or "carpentry" skill, it's considered . . . dun dun dun . . . foraging.

So I bought a saw from Therese in Serbule Keep for 75 gold and went to work! Gathering wood was netting a ton more Foraging experience than picking up random eggs or harvesting apples and the necessary level of 5 to unlock "Seek Objective" was mine!

You can see the ability "Seek Objective" in the top left hand corner of the screenshot above. You have to slot that on your action bar to the left side of the screen, highlight a quest in your quest log, and then see if it works. Some quests, it just doesn't work. Others, money!

Apparently this skill gets an upgrade when you hit 15th level in foraging. At that point the skill is called "Objective Orienteering" and puts a path down on the ground for you.

Looks like I have a lot of foraging to do!

Happy Dueling

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Bhagpuss said...

Thanks! Going to go foraging next time I play P:G.