Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Doin' the Death Deckathalon

Whoa . . . this weekend I was playing Wizard101 like it was a year ago! SO MUCH WIZARD101 THIS WEEKEND! I even got called out for it! (Thanks, Iridian)


I had to give the Death Deckathalon Event a really good go. I mean . . . I am the Friendly Necromancer, right?

So, I decided to really put my best foot forward, despite it being an extremely busy weekend with relatives in from out of town (that said, I did have a couple days off of work as well). I faithfully logged on every day and ran the event a few times.

I mean, I'm no Tara Dawnbreaker . . . look at this stuff she pulled off! *jaw drops*


No No No . . . I did manage by the end of my time yesterday to rise up to 221st place and complete my entire event bar though. Go me!

Participation Awards! Hooray!

I mostly did that by running Event 3 over and over, but on the final day I decided to really give Event 4 a go.  I watched Eric Stormbringer's great video, which helped (seriously, pick up some Triage treasure cards . . . they rock for this), but eventually the deck that did it for me looked like this:

The deck that carried me through Stage 4

The first floor was an easy win typically with a bladed Seraph spell and one death shield, but every once in a while you'd need a leprechaun to finish him up if you were unlucky.

The second floor involved a death shield followed by a fire elemental minion, then you just follow your fire elemental minion's lead until one of the two mobs is dead. Occasionally I'd need to cast a triage on myself to get rid of the Poison.

The third floor, sometimes I would cast a second fire elemental and sometimes I wouldn't . . . kinda just played it safe the first few times until I felt a bit more comfortable and had my final deck.

I experimented with all kinds of minions in place of the Fire Elementals. Ice Elementals, Troll minions and Cyclops minions were amazing. Storm minion and Minotaur minions took too long to hit, but still worked. The five pip minions just took too long to cast. I like having minions . . . it's just an extra layer of comfort.

Also . . . guys . . . healing pets are amazing in this tower.  Lady Dexter (the most healingest pet in the game) worked like a charm.

You bless me, Lady Dexter!

So, by the end of the event I had my pet, I had my improved death hands, I had my 4th deck, I had the Ravenwood Hamster, and I had a bunch of cool messages from wizzie friends.

Which reminds me! Elijah LightThief was online! Elijah has been playing Wiz since the early days and used to comment on this blog all the time. He gave me a great inside tip, which may actually be a bit OP. Although you will have to use treasure cards only, you can use the Death Deckathalete decks outside of the event. This can give a huge advantage to a lower level character because of the extra pip. Thanks for the tip, Elijah!

So, what did you think, fine readers of the Friendly Necromancer? Did you like the event? Did you have fun?  I thought it was pretty cool to be part of a community event like this. There's only one day left, so I hope you find some time to chip in so we can make that goal . . . we're getting closer!

Happy Dueling!

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