Saturday, September 5, 2015

Weekend Catching up with Friendly!

WHOA . . . weeks like this shouldn't even HAPPEN. I was busy from start to finish and I've still got a long laundry list of things to do, say, think about, and FIX!  My word where does that time go?

So let me catch you all up on all things Friendly Necromancer . . .


1- Blaugust Conqueror!

That's right, I came, I wrote, and I won (along with a lot of other great bloggers as you can see here in the Blaugust Results). Happy I could join in and rock it.

Also, to my surprise, I won a free game from Bel's collection . . . I opted for  . . . Terreria! I've now got that downloaded and on my list of games to play and write about in the future.


2- Wizard101 turned Seven. Wait a second . . . seven years? SEVEN!  Can't believe this game has been such a major part of my life for so long! Make sure you get your free gifts and take advantage of those amazing member benefits! My word the double seeds are coming out of my ears!

I also hope you all had a chance to join us on KI Live the other day. PARTY TIME! Believe it or not this was also our 1-year anniversary of the show.

. . . the things I do for you guys . . .


3- WILDSTAR!  Yes!  Wildstar!  So if you haven't heard, Wildstar is going free to play very soon, and you can pick up the boxed copies of Wildstar at select GameStops for $10.

But, Friendly, why would I pay for a boxed copy of Wildstar when it's going free to play?  Aha!  Because you get cool stuff from buying the boxed copy before and when it goes free to play.

. . . plus, I just have wanted to play this game forever and never had time.  I finally bit the bullet and jumped for the game, so I can get a jump start on the free-to-play madness that's already begun.

So you may hear me talk a bit more about this game in the future . . . for now . . . Robotom Digilover, the dominion aligned Settler Engineer Robot and his two mini-robot sidekicks are kicking butt and taking names in Ellevar.  Level 10 and growing.

I'm super psyched about it. I might even stream some play. :)


4- Final Fantasy 13.

OK, a few days ago I promised you all a story about why I was once again playing Final Fantasy 13.  Grab some popcorn.

At one time this was the new thing and my children were much younger and . . . more dangerously curious than they are now.  My son really wanted to play the game, but I felt he was too young to do so, and I was worried he'd save over my game.  I started putting away the CD and hiding it from him so he couldn't find it, and I played all the way up to what I thought was probably the very last fight or close to it. 

I kept dying and dying in this fight and decided that I probably just needed to go back through some old content or nearby mobs and level up a bit before trying it again.

That was my plan at least until my son, with a burning desire to play the game, went into the back end files of the PS3 and thought maybe he could directly play the game from messing around with these. Long story short, he somehow deleted my save files, and I was out. I was super irritated and obviously I explained to him that . . . made daddy less than happy.

So much so apparently he still remembers this encounter to this day. He's a super sweetheart of a kid with a really good soul (he's my high-functioning autistic super hero). Out of nowhere the other day he asked me to bring back this game and finish it . . . that he was still sorry he deleted the save files.

It's a huge time commitment, but I can't pass this one up to get it all straight and help him gain a new memory.

The only bummer is that I can't take screenshots from my PS3 of Final Fantasy 13, so . . . if I share pictures and things from this . . . egads . . . I might actually have to take pictures of the TV?

Ugh . . . if anyone has a good inexpensive suggestion for capturing PS3 screenshots, let me know.


5- I finished mowing my lawn today.


And there you go . . . A quick catch up on what i'm doing, and thank you for sticking with me.

Happy dueling!


Anne Radcliffe said...

The little mowing video made me giggle -- did your kids, being impish, drop that note in the grass for you? (Mind you, I don't mow the grass -- I pull weeds, dig, shovel, plant, harvest, usually in the early morning before the regular work of the day gets started, but I dislike big noisy machines like lawnmowers. I've done my time with them, but nowadays 'Sam' gets to do that job. :)

Congratulations on your Blaugaust (did I spell it right?) win!

Stingite said...

@Anne: Hello Anne! It was totally staged, but it's something they would do! ;) Thanks! (yup, right spelling.)