Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Naxxramas Haxxramas . . . Gimme a K, Gimme a T

Last night my wife turned to me and just said . . . "Yay, Blaugust is over." ;) (Did I drive her crazy with my obsessive compulsive need to post and think about blogging?) Strangely, I still feel the need to post something. Oh habits!

Just wanted to do a quick catch up on Hearthstone.

I finished Naxxramas!

And that means I now have a few more beautiful cards in my inventory.  Check 'em out:

I gotz me a lich and a couple o' zombies! Oh, it was a hard fought battle, but . . . with patience . . . I finally got that K to the T.

I still have the class challenges to finish (and of course the heroic mode *shudder*), but I've already begun using my "Friendly Necromancer" build in hearthstone.  Um, it needs work.  The problem with thematic decks is that they usually lack a few basic cards that really rock. It's more "fun" than it is "functional." eh?  Although it did net me a number of wins in the tail end of the season so I could hit rank 20 for my card back in ranked play.

I'll post more about my build in the next few days as I firm up my deck.

Happy Dueling!


Joe Smith said...

If you've bought anything from TGT, Confuse Priest is a fun deck to play. http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/314416-tgt-kripps-tempo-confuse-priest

Swordroll said...

Congratulations! I did Blackrock Mountain, but I haven't gotten to Naxx yet. The final boss card is one that works well with pretty much any deck behind a wall, so I'll have to look into it when the budget allows.

Any cards in particular you know you'll be using in your deck? Let us know how they work out!

Stingite said...

@mr.manobass: thanks for the link! Looks like a cool build!

@Swordroll: Yeah, right now it reads pretty much like a shadow priest focused deck with a handful of legendaries from naxx. LOL!