Tuesday, July 28, 2015

PSA: This Blog is old now

Heya all!

I'm so sorry I've been slacking off with my blogging duties. I've been otherwise occupied . . . it's easy to do when you're throwing yourself into your work; playing lots of other games; and have three kids, a Nanamancer, and a wife to look after. I know right, excuses! ;)

So what I'm discovering is that . . . this blog is a little old now . . . I mean, Diapermancer is six now. CRAZY! When that happens, some old links found on this blog are dead, defunct, or in the case of the old Wizard101 Damage Calculator--malicious.  (I deleted that link as soon as I found out, whew.)

I downloaded Xenu this morning to do a complete scrub of my site for dead links, and it's busily chomping through the 13,000 URLs it found on my site -- I don't think it'll be perfect though. For instance, I searched the term "Maria" this morning to see if I ever made a mention of Maria's Taco Xpress on this blog and instead found an old joke where my wife said the unicorn princess at the end of Dueling Diego should be called "Maria" (we didn't know it said her name was Francesca in the instructions to the game). Anyway, there was a link to a play through of Dueling Diego that has since been taken down (Boo), but the link isn't necessarily "dead."

Anyway, I've deleted the link now, but if you are going through my site and find something broken or off, feel free to let me know. I'm easy to contact over Twitter: FriendlyNecro.

In the meantime, I'll scrub a bit and do what I can . . . maybe even get into some NEW blogging. That'd be different, eh?  My site is in need of some attention. Maybe even a makeover? I'll see what I can do.

Happy Dueling

p.s. Who wants a blog post about Maria's Taco Xpress? (I've got a couple good stories about it actually ;))

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Tara Darkgem said...

We're all old, and changed, and different friendalee! It's been YEARS... wow I used to read your blog every day from 2009 where did those days go, and you were a complete CELEBRITY in game and now..... its all different my wizard101 account is stale and dusty and crusty, I haven't logged on for two years
Nostalgia..... but I bet I still have you added! One day I'll return yes!