Thursday, August 14, 2014

Where's the Nefarious Friendly?

Heya all! I just wanted to put up a quick note to everyone letting you know . . . I'm still here!  I've been ultra busy at work lately getting prepared for the Pirate101 Test Realm and assuming some new Wizard101 duties.  It's been an interesting past couple of months, and I'm gaining a lot of perspective from it all.

I'm hoping everyone is doing well and is excited about all the new stuff going on in the Pirate101 Test Realm. You get to scratch off a few more feature requests this release (Like Flag Stitching, Return to Boss, Team Up, other accessories than just eyepatches, and a ton of bug fixes) and there's the new mega tower that's just insane. hehe. It's definitely tuned to a 4-player group for the Nefarious Five encounter.  Bring friends or use Team Up.

Anyway, I'll be watching and listening wherever y'all talk. There's a lot going on every day right now in Wizard101 and Pirate101 . . . between sales events, Test Realm, parties, and everything. Whew.  It's busy times for Friendly at work.  Thanks for all the passion for KingsIsle games.

Happy Dueling


Cole Goldenflame said...

Good to know you're still here Friendly!

Anonymous said...

I installed test just to check 1 thing: if they added more jewels to the crown shop. They didn't. So here's a question for Friendly: in the crown shop we can buy 1 pendant and 2 rings. All low level stuff. I know the good old days where you could buy the best stuff from Zeke in w101 are over, now the crown shop has stuff that is only slightly better than what bosses drop (not talking about potions and mounts here). But 1 pendant? Is there a strategy behind this or is it simply a matter of facepalm/forgot?

Other than that, the new upgrades look great. Can't wait to see it live.