Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Ice Bucket Challenge

Hello all!

I posted my Ice Bucket challenge video on Twitter last week, but I'm going to put this here as well (as requested by my new co-worker ;)).

So, I was quite young when she died, but my grandmother actually died of ALS. As my sister describes her, "A beautiful redhead with blue eyes, she was a fun loving, hardworking, positive thinker from Hayworth, Yorkshire, England."

If I had the money, I'd donate as well, but I'm a broke friendly necromancer, and so I'm showing my support however I can. Thanks for the challenge, Alric, and thanks to all for the increased awareness.

Happy Dueling!


TDAY said...

I knew u Could do it :-)

RossM said...

Grats on taking up the challenge from one friendly necro to another =) Hunter BoomStaff