Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Ahhhh, my fellow Wizard101 players and fans!! Today is indeed a HUGE day for us and for KingsIsle. If you haven’t heard about this yet, don’t be surprised. It's been a huge secret. What you probably have heard so far (I’m 100% sure) is that KingsIsle has been crafting a second game for a long time. (Although, I know from talking to the employees of KingsIsle in the past that *this* second game isn’t what the second game started out to be four years ago.)

Guess what?! The news has now hit the Interwebs (press release and everything)! You’re going to want to watch, Gamespot, IGN, Gamasutra, and a bunch of other gaming news sites for information on this announcement today (you know, the usual suspects fellow new hungry bloggers).

No this is not April first. No this is not a joke. I’m dead serious when I say, my friends . . . my CREWMATES! YARRRRR!


(*I wish I could insert a picture of my character here, but I can’t*)

Yup, I’ve played the game to its extents in Alpha. I’m under NDA still, as are all the other bloggers that have played this game (head nod to Tipa from West Karana and Paige Moonshade on my friends list), so I can’t say much about this, but all those news sites linked to up above are going to give you a really solid idea about this game . . . . GO READ NOW (and report back to me hehe)!

I was so excited when I first started playing this new game, that I actually reserved a little spot on Blogspot for my chosen class . . . just in case I someday wanted to shift my Pirate101 operations over exclusively (shhh, More than likely I’ll be using The Friendly Necromancer for both Wizard101 and Pirate101 blogging, but I’m not sure at this point (Better safe than sorry).

What I think is safe to say at this point is that if you like Wizard101, you’ll feel right at home in Pirate101. W101 fans are going to love this game. W101 lore junkies are going to love this game, everything from the music to the characters to the things you fight, but say goodbye to the battle circle (don’t be too sad, you won’t miss it after a while) and say hello to a whole new host of colorful friends AND LOOTZ! PIRATE LOOTZ! :)

(*Again, I wish I could insert a picture here, but I can’t LOL*)

There is so much I love about this game, and I am completely thrilled by it. My major complaint has been that I haven’t had enough time in the day to finish all my side quests yet.

OMGosh you guys, I can not wait for you all to play this. I think it’s going to be a game changer for me, in more ways than one. Stay tuned. (p.s. If you haven’t been policing the KingsIsle employment page, I know KI has raised their employee count well beyond its past 150 number . . . in fact with all the hiring they've been doing at KI and with all those new jobs available, I smell THIRD game in the works . . . *insert conspiracy theories here* WOOT!)




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Anonymous said...

plz add me in wizard101 friendly. comment back, Noah skullbreaker, Noah Fireeyes

MEGALUS said...

I'd really like to know what the original game proposal was. So basicly it's going to be W101 with pirate swords... W101 clone! That's right, I called it first! I have declared the first official W101 clone! So does this mean that we are finally getting rid of the dueling circle and the ridiculous card combat system in W101 now, too? (I can dream can't I? ;P)

witchwarrior said...

Aww yeah!!!!!!
Gonna check this out!
Let us know what your pirate's name is so we can add you! ;)

Anonymous said...

the game world is based on wizard 101 and the spiral(i assume all will be) and i noticed something kinda cool. Remember all the talk about the skull island on the commercial? well it turns out it was a hint at the new game! if you look at the info about storm gates you will see a pic of it that looks just like the skull from the commercial! Pretty cool

Evan Shadow said...

I have started a new Pirate101 blog. Since all of my other logs seem to have stopped, I hope p101 will give me some new inspiration. I'll have my first post by Friday night!

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The Strong Sorcerer said...

I hope they don't limit us to humans again. I wanna be a shark!!!!

Dragonhammer said...

Hey Friendly! My new blog is still in the making but I would appreciate it you would add this to your blog list.

Evan Shadow said...

Can you add my "Pirates in the Sky" to your blogroll and check it out (and maybe leave a comment :) ) Thanks!!

-Evan Shadow

Louis said...

When I click on the link to The Friendly Witchdoctor, it says only invited readers can read it and to ask you for admission.

Stingite said...

@Louis: It's just a placeholder for now with no information. :)