Friday, April 27, 2012

Imp Raffle Winners! TAG!

Congratulations to the following people who so kindly chose to win a free Tag Game for their Wizard101 account today!

  1. Malorn WillowSmith, who said he like picture 4. :)
  2. Blaze Firesword, who said he like picture 18!
  3. mattv980, who said he also dug picture 18.
  4. Rachel IceHeart, who was down with picture 10 (because of the "legendary noob!" saying) and picture 5 (because . . . well . . . it's Sierra Mist)
Enjoy the heck out of that tag game! (which I will be sending you shortly)

Happy Dueling!

p.s. Also, I'm deleting all comments from yesterday's post in just a few minutes to hide email addresses and contact information. Thank you all for participating! -Friendly

1 comment:

Blaze Firesword said...

Woo! I won! I usually never win anything, I'm so happy! :D