Monday, September 14, 2020

Entering The Wintertide

Yesterday I met up with a guildmate of mine named Darklorde, and we determined that, no matter if we endlessly died over and over, we were going to visit the new Level 80 dungeon in the Fae Realm. (And endlessly die we did, but let's not talk about that . . .)

Overlooking the new Portal to Wintertide

Of course, the first hurdle to getting inside the dungeon is knowing how because I ran on up to the portal, clicked on it, and got a straight-up talk-to-the-hand message that it's not going to be that easy. So I asked in general chat how to get into the new dungeon and SassySusie (If you play Gorgon for any length of time, you should know that name, she's leet) gave me a tell that all I needed to do was get a key off of the trolls near the entrance.

I hope this doesn't damage me when it self-destructs. I guess we'll see!

They're pretty much similar to a Winter War-Troll Elite mob in difficulty, but Dark and I had no trouble downing a few, and before you knew it we had our key and waltzed in to the dungeon.

Holy crap, this place is freaking epic looking! I honestly felt like I was in DCUO instead of Project Gorgon.

Hello? Is this the space refridgerator? I'm looking for my leftovers?

The excitement from Dark and I linking to loot we were finding inside the dungeon was enough to draw in our guild leader, Prolak, and the guild's longtime honorary member Hot Felicity. After about four hours of grinding the first and second floor, I had to call it quits, but I hear tell that they were able to eventually gather a full group and a half and make it through the entire dungeon . . . save for a boss named something like the Dalvos Astral Spirit? He left the group cursed with -20% to darkness and psychic damage debuff (that also buffs your own darkness damage by 8% . . . I may actually want that curse permanently).

So, yes, the Winter Fae have themselves an honest to goodness space craft as a part of their world domination plans, and we get to journey through it. Mind you, the entire time you're inside this dungeon it's doing cold damage to you. You're in the void of space. You won't take falling damage, but you will get frost bite if you're not prepared. enjoy it.


Floor 1: here our spaceship features . . . trolls . . . lots of them. They're all about the same difficulty as the trolls that you got the keys from, so unless you pull 3 or 4 of them at a time, there really shouldn't be much of a problem.  

Also on floor one, the disco room. 

I'm ready to dance! LET ME DANCE!!

These D12's full of light dance around and literally provide the best place to dance in all of gorgon. I'm telling you, there needs to be a fairy here that teaches you a new dance move just for this awesome room. In the Disco room you can find a door button that will hold open a door near the beginning of the dungeon. Inside that door is a cowardly fairy with a full complete quest line that guides you through the dungeon and even provides you with some unique skills that . . . probably help you get through the rest of the dungeon? (I didn't make it that far yesterday)

Another feature of floor one is the anti-gravity shaft that leads to Floor 2. It's awesome. You jump up it and it raises you right up to the top floor. Be sure to get a running jump, because you won't be able to just move left or right if you only press space bar to jump up.  You gotta get a running jump at it and then scrape your face along the wall as you float up.

Anti-gravity shaft going up!


Floor 2: Here our spaceship features lots of evil dark Ensign fairies, elementals, hippogriffs, and space chickens. We cut paths through several of the hallways here, but while I was in the group, we never made it to one of the bosses. 

A glimpse of Floor Two


I'm glad my guildmates went on to discover more of its furthest reaches, because that means they'll know more about which way to go for the next time through. ;) TAKE ME TO THE LOOTS!

Speaking of loots. I filled my bag with level 80 gear and even picked up a nice weapon and shield upgrade in the process. Also, I got an interesting pair of gloves.

What the heck is direct demonic damage???

I really like the darkness damage here, but I really hate the lack of class-specific mods that go along with that for being a purple drop.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll post more about Wintertide when I finally get to explore its heights to the fullest and not just peek through geometry to get a look at what's to come.

Looking through the ceiling in floor two showed a red area of the dungeon!

Happy Dueling!

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