Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Project Gorgon: So Long and Thanks for all the Grapefish?

I've played Project Gorgon to the point where now I feel like ranting about stuff, so . . . you know what? I might just be done writing about my beloved indie MMO darling for a bit and instead leave it happily on the shelf as a good memory. It's probably time to just write about something else.

Yes, a ghost town in a harsh environment can be a happy memory!

Looking back, I wish I would have done that with DCUO, but I played it to the point where logging on made me feel ill, which is a shame . . . it's a wonderful MMO with tons of great memories for me. What a great game that is, but I'll probably never log on again. I *can't* log on to DCUO now without getting a pit in my stomach.

Sure it gives me a stomach ache, but it's still a great game!

To sum up my Project Gorgon rant . . .since I know you're curious:

1) Cooking isn't a fun skill. As much fun as cooking evil bacon that talks to you sounds like it is . . . overall the skill is tedious with a lot of running from zone to zone without much joy mixed into the ingredients.
  • Free counter-argument: Lots of skills in Project Gorgon are joyless and you picked this one to be the bad guy?
  • Free counter to counter-argument: Yup. Stuff that and your 100 different ingredients into a limited inventory space!
2) The fairies are coming, and they'll be getting two free max level bee/wasp pets that I paid many 1,000's of councils to obtain and many 100's of hours to level. To make matters worse, they also get free ice knives . . . so . . . it's like my exact build I've been playing, only cheaper and better. So much for uniqueness?
  • Free counter-argument: No one is actually going to be playing AH / Knives build, and the pet will just help with power-leveling what people really want to play. 
  • Free counter to counter-argument: Sigh. Is that supposed to make me feel good that people won't be playing my build?
3) I don't know if I have the stamina to level 2-4 more combat skills, even though there's a hat for the deer class that turns them into a unicorn (but still you're a brown deer-looking unicorn . . . you don't turn white and have a rainbow trail shining behind you . . . I may have unreal expectations here tbh).
  • Free counter-argument: Look yo, you gotta branch out and find some new combat skills . . . THERE'S SO MANY!!  Also, unicorns with rainbow trails are for losers.
  • Free counter to counter-argument: If loving unicorns is wrong, then I'm the King of the wrong, baby!
King of the Wrong, riding proudly into the sunset!

So now what? I don't know, but what I do know is that I'm The Friendly Necromancer, and that definitely means you'll hear from me again.

I wouldn't say I'm completely giving up on Project Gorgon . . . just . . . slowing down a bit and switching gears. I've learned a lot by playing it and made some truly quality friends. The people in my guild are top notch and my in-game buddies awesome. If there's anything that will keep me logging in, it's those guys. Community is definitely a strong suit in Project Gorgon.

Hang in there my friends and thanks for reading along.

Happy Dueling!


Bhagpuss said...

I felt burned out with DCUO just from reading Tipa's posts about it on West Karana. It does sound like a merciless game to take seriously which is why I'm glad I've only ever dabbled there. It's a really great game for some knockabout fun and the movement powers are amazing. Also I love my lair.

Project Gorgon looks a lot less demanding on paper but skill-based systems have a way of getting out of hand. It's why I don't really like them much - either you end up grinding like crazy for incremental increases that seem to take forever or skills raise so fast you've finished all the ones you're interested in in no tiome and then what?

I think it's a good idea to stop before the burnout sets in. Then you can come back later and still enjoy it.

Stingite said...

Thanks, Bhagpuss! Tipa and I ran around there together, and I do miss that aspect of it: the people I played with. It'll be the same thing that I miss with Project Gorgon.

I'm also at a good place to stop for awhile in Gorgon. It'll be 2-3 updates before there's new content for my player to explore.

The next big question for me right now is what game do I become fascinated with next? I'm actually feeling a pull to go play some Rift . . . even though it's a dying game from what I've heard.

*strokes chin contemplatively*