Saturday, January 11, 2020

Submerged Slot Machines in Sun Vale, Sorta'

The latest Project Gorgon update has removed all the Christmas, I mean Ri-Shin, decorations and brought us a smaller update with bug fixes and something new, Treasure Cartography in Sun Vale!

Just to quickly catch you up, prior to this update you could only do Treasure Cartography in the lands of Eltibule and Ilmari. This skill has you combining scraps of paper known as rumors with ink and parchment to create treasure maps.  When you follow the treasure map to the right location, you get a chest of goods. I wrote up a quick guide on Eltibule cartography over here.

Ilmari Treasure Cartography isn't nearly as fun as Eltibule cartography. You can only find the rumors as drops. BORING, and after this update, I'm sure that we haven't seen the last of Ilmari Treasure Cartography. They'll most certainly *have* to come up with a clever alternate system.

Throughout Sun Vale there are "old statues" scattered around the map. You'll find them both on land and submerged in the ocean of water.

Ominous! Spooky! Examine it!

Once you examine it, you are hoping to find slots to place gems, otherwise the statue simple says "Aside from its extreme age, you don't see anything unusual about this statue." If your statue does have gem slots, it looks a bit like the following.

Orange you glad you found this mystery!

I'm not sure what level of Goblinese you need to have to read the word "Orange," because my Goblinese was maxxed out a long time ago.  You'll need that skill to proceed any further because the object of this game is to make all of the symbols you see look like orange glass . . . kind of like lining up "7's" on a slot machine. The greater the number of slots, the better the treasure rumor that's going to appear.

Now, colored glass is a little hard to find out in the world of Sun Vale (you can dig it up there from beach combing and killing enemies), but colored glass is extremely plentiful back in the Casino.

All the glass you could ever want!

You can receive a TON of glass by playing Cashfall Match-3 games.  Also, a little hint, most people up until this point would run down the hallway from the Cashfall machines and sell their mostly useless glass to a Goblin named Ragabir . . . you might be able to find some glass there unless a friendly necromancer is buying it all up.

Now solving the code itself has been tricky, and I don't think I have it 100 percent figured out. I haven't tried all color combinations together, but I am noticing a few patterns of how to change colors:
  • Black + White = White
  • Green ­+ Orange = Purple
  • Green + Purple = Orange
  • Purple + Blue = Yellow
  • Blue + Green = Red
  • Yellow + Orange = Blue
  • Yellow + Green = White
  • Red + Orange = Yellow
  • White + Purple = Blue
  • Purple + Yellow = Red
  • Red + Green = Blue
(Update: Adding more colors as I try the combinations)
It makes me wonder if the system has something to do with complimentary colors on a color wheel? I'm honestly not sure.

When you finally crack the code and align all the glass to the same color, the old statue spits out a treasure rumor.

Small Treasure is still treasure!

Once you have the treasure rumor, use the Sun Vale Treasure Cartography skill that Preta can now teach you.  You'll have to build faction with her to unlock all the recipes.

Time to make a map!

Once you have the map, click on it and follow the circle on your map to a treasure chest, but a word of caution about how this differs in Sun Vale as opposed to Eltibule.  If your treasure spot is out in the ocean, you'll need to swim all the way to the bottom of the sea bed to find your chest.


Now the real mystery here is that the Project Gorgon community hasn't really figured out is . . . how does one know which statues are active? There are about 10-12 statues (I don't even have enough pins for them all on my map) and it takes a long time to find an active statue.  In Eltibule it's based around the phases of the moon, but in Sun Vale . . . is it based on the hour of the day?  It's still a mystery that we need to solve.

If you have any great info to share, please do so in the comments or over on the officially unofficial Project Gorgon Discord.

Happy Dueling!

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