Saturday, November 2, 2019

End Game Near: Welcome to the Fae Realm

The past couple of days have been really cool for me in Project Gorgon. Not just because I was able to attend the in-game Halloween party / play, but also because I've hit level 70 in both my Fire Magic and Animal Handling skills.

Mass buffs for all the party go-ers!

The Party was epic, btw. Tons of people. Everyone died. Mummies everywhere. Loot for all. Lag was off the charts. End of story. There's only one more night to catch the magic in an encore performance if you have completed your party quests and can make it to the Casino:

Encore Performances - Sunday, November 3:
  • EU primetime - 8pm CET / 2pm US EST / 6am AEDT (Mon 11/4)
  • US primetime - 9pm US EST / 1pm AEDT (Mon 11/4) / 3am CET

So, for the past month or so, I've been grinding out levels and money working myself from levels 61-70.  It's not necessarily hard, it's just as you would expect from an MMO . . . you grind. When your exp bar reaches the top, you celebrate!

For me that celebration culminated in my guild leader running me through the Wolf Caves to get to a portal that led out to the world of fairies, living plants, and trolls. Welcome, to the Fae Realm.

Clashing concentrics and blue grass everywhere!

The color hue during the daytime in Fae Realm is full of bright blues and vivid purples, regular animals are florescent green, trainers are pixies and animals, and the Economy is driven by the trading of Royal Jelly.

There aren't regular teleportation pads in the Fae Realm, so come armed with a special mushroom teleportation spell that you get from grinding a couple quests inside a cave in Guzlak where a living mushroom will teach you his ways of transportation. When you arrive, come armed with Parasol Mushrooms and salt to bind yourself (also a good supply of rations) . . . the NPCs don't even have a drop of salt for sale here.

At night time, there is no setting sun. Instead there is an audible thump of a drum and day instantly turns to night on a different cycle than you're used to.

No one knows what that lifestone does, but it's THE PRETTY!

Fractal wisps of red and yellow dance across a pitch black sky and hues of color explode against the night. During Halloween, this is also when skeletons invade the typically undead-free Fae Realm. Not to worry though, this place is as equally deadly during the day as it is at night.

Certain mountaintops hide 58k health nature elementals. Lightning-spitting Droaches crawl another mountain. . . . But the exp from killing Fae Realm Rhinos is ON POINT.

Many rhinos died this day . . .

But still, watch out for those Rhinos, dear readers. They can knock your pet out of bounds where they become unresponsive and you're unable to heal them. It feels like a bug, not a feature, but you never know with Project Gorgon to be honest.

Remember when I complained about having to grind 95,000 councils for access to level 61? How does a cool 360,000 councils for access to level 71 grab ya . . . and that's for EACH skill!

Being an Animal Handler is pretty great here. You'll be able to get upgraded models of your Fae green bears and Fae green panthers you may have picked up back in Etibule. When you tame them, they come in at level 73. Once you hit level 70 in Animal Handling, the trainer there will also offer you a skill to tame bees.

My name is Stingite. I need a stinging bee pet gosh darn it! Of course the component needed to tame the bee is a flower arrangement that can only be made by a level 60 flower arranger . . . yes, flower arranging is a skill in Project Gorgon.  I put in a player work order to see if I could obtain five of them to see if I can withstand the poison and get my own bee pet.

I must say, it feels pretty great to be here as a new player. I've been seriously playing this game for . . . what? . . . a month and a half now? I'm now seeing what the hub-bub was about when I joined the game and the Fae Realm had been released. I'm looking forward to completing the Daily quest chain here with our guild and seeing what more it has to offer.

The big complaint I hear from the old timers is that the Fae Realm lacks a dungeon to play in.  From what I also hear, that dungeon is already in the works with the constant reminder that this game is still in Beta. BRING ON THE DUNGEON! I can't wait to leave my tombstone littered all around its terrifying interior.

I'll keep you posted as I gain more insights into this new realm, but for now I'm just learning my way around and trying not to poke too many 22k health trolls in the process.

Happy Dueling!

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