Monday, October 7, 2019

Kur-sing the Mountains of Project Gorgon

After spending a long time running around almost every inch of Eltibule, a Project "Gorgonite" like myself starts to look elsewhere for entertainment, and that seems to come in basically one of two (or maybe even three) flavors depending on your level.

To clarify, "Level" is a little bit of a strange concept in Project Gorgon since there isn't a nice big number anywhere on the screen that says, "Level 30!" I mean, you level your skills up and that's really the only gauge you have to know your level.

In my mind it all comes down to one skill . . . Endurance. Yup, if I was forced to pick a skill to say that's my level, Endurance feels like that yard stick. That and you know you're ready to move on from Eltibule when you can finally face off against these guys.

My vote for scariest insect in Project Gorgon

They're called "Tor-Urak" and are the scariest freaking giant insects you'll ever encounter. They spit boulders at you, have a Sarlac Pit style mouth, and come with a nasty knockback effect. I've left behind several tombstones from these guys chasing me down while I was trying to sneak into Hogan's Keep. They patrol outside there and around the portal to Kur Mountains, which is the real subject of this blog post. I digress.

Once your endurance is around 30, you should look at heading to either Sun Vale or Kur Mountains.

Personally I headed to Sun Vale, and honestly I think it was the right choice. That said, there's really not a lot to do out in Sun Vale. It's an unfinished zone that the developer fully admits has more to come, but the Sun Vale route allows you to kind of grind out some extra experience beating on trolls and the "bad" fairies, which seem to have a little bit of a war going on. You can pick up the Hammer trait here from a friendly Troll, and there's a patch of "good" fairies that have a few quests for you (I'm finding that quests aren't straight forward guides through the content.)


I didn't step foot into Kur Mountains until about a week ago. It's much less friendly than Sun Vale, but seems to be better fleshed out as far as content goes and has absolutely breathtaking views.


You'll notice in that screenshot above I have on a different outfit. When I first arrived in Kur Mountains I was getting frost bite from cold exposure really quickly. Once Frost Bite sets in, your character is on a fast train to death until you can put down an emergency fire.

What you really need to do is get yourself a big batch of "tufts of fur." There's a friendly outpost up North in Kur Mountains (it's kind of a straight shot through the icy waters and mountain range in the picture above) that trades Tufts of Fur for Insulated pieces of gear.

Cold weather gear doesn't completely free you from the continual worries of Frost Bite, but it makes this land much more bearable and you go from putting an Emergency Fire down every few minutes to maybe about once every ten minutes, which is way less stressful.

It's a deal!

Once you've secured this gear, Kur Mountains is a forager's dream come true. There are ground spawns of wood, ice water, and lichens all over the northern stretch of Kur Mountains. There are plenty of deer to hunt for meat and the Wolves aren't too bad for grinding exp.  The bears on the other hand . . . watch out for the bears. They have a horrible maul attack that ignores armor. A couple of bears can make quick work of your health pool, which makes travel in the dangerous land of Kur Mountains even more dangerous.

Bernie, my pet Fire Rat, is not fazed by the cold like I am.

The Lichens you pick up off the ground actually have a really good use. They're used in a skill to heal broken bones. Lately our guild has been hitting the daily quest pretty regularly and the Ogres in these dungeons have a nasty habit of breaking bones. At one time I had up to 24 broken bones from Ogres. I believe each broken bone means spells and abilities cost an extra point of power. It's a nasty permanent-until-cured debuff on your character.

Speaking of dailies, Kur Mountains features the "Wolf Caves" daily dungeon. It's pretty great and not too bad for the guild to run with 3-5 people.

Buffed up and ready to rock the Wolf Caves with the guild!

The Daily Dungeons have really been the glue for the guild getting together and playing each night. Really enjoying them. Wolf Caves is a good one and super profitable!

Ultimately there's still a lot for me to explore in Kur Mountains . . . there are 2 or 3 dungeons I haven't done much with yet and lots of unfinished quests. But I'm not sure how much more I'm going to explore there though to be honest. The call of the War Caches in the Ilamari Desert might be too much for a Raksasha to ignore.

Happy Dueling!

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