Thursday, July 6, 2017

Stingite . . . and the State of His Gaming: Part 2 -- Mobile

Just continuing here with my catch up posts, let me take a quick post to talk about mobile games and me. 

1- I've obviously been playing EverClicker . . . like a lot, but not as much as 264 other people. ;)

If you didn't get a chance to catch KingsIsle's EverClicker launch video, then here you go:

2- AlphaCat! Yup. It's installed on my phone and I still hit up Invasions when I can.  I've given up on the dream of owning all the Epic critters and instead just log on to collect my daily reward (trying to get more of those coins), grab hearts, check the daily missions, and see what's up with invasions.

If I have time, I'll also jump into 4 random zones just to see if there's a set of invasion plans on a bad guy.  If not, I'll typically just leave the map unless the objective looks super easy to win.

Leave map?  Yeah I don't know if many people know you can launch a map and then immediately leave it by clicking the gear wheel in the top right hand corner and then the "leave map" button in the bottom right hand corner.  If all I'm doing is checking for invasion plans, this really speeds things up.

3- Fire Emblem Heroes?  Nope.  I finally had enough and uninstalled it.  Sure, they added a really cool new mode where it benefited you to having a deeper team of heroes, but . . . meh . . . after a few rounds of summoning nothing but bronze and silver heroes, I kind of just checked out.  Sorry Fire Emblem heroes . . . you were fun in your time!

4- Miitomo?  Yup. I still have it installed.  It's not really something I'd say I was "playing" so much these days.  I mean, I'll log on, collect my candy drop, spend tickets on clothes, answer 3 questions a day, and . . . oh wait . . . ok, I guess I'm still playing Miitomo . . .

I wish I could find a batch of supportive friends that were fun to talk to.  When I first started playing Miitomo it was like that. There was a couple from Wyoming that was great. There was a guy who moved to Canada with his girlfriend who really had a Girahim fascination, Avery is always amazing to talk to, and my kids were even playing . . .. mmmmm . . . now I just don't know if I have that awesome "group of mii people" vibe going anymore.

5- Rise & Destroy?  Unfortunately I just don't have the memory space on my phone to have all those games installed. I kind of wish I would have had the time and energy to do a full walk through of Rise & Destroy back in the day.  There's part of me that would like to go back and do that just for funsies.  Would you want to see that? Let me know!

And that's all I got for Mobile Games today.  If you've got a suggestion for a great game that you're playing atm, let me know.  I've been thinking about re-downloading Pokemon Go since they've had a few updates, but that hasn't really happened yet.

I do have a backlog of mobile games I've played and never talked about on this blog that might be fun:
  • Contest of Champions
  • Bardbarian
  • Draw Your Game
  • Etc.
It'd be something to talk about at least. lol.

Tomorrow I'll again be continuing my "State of His Gaming" series.  See you then.

Happy Dueling!

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