Thursday, February 11, 2016

No Auction Treasure Cards -- What to do?

Hey all! I have a Wizard101 question here from Roxie:

"Where can I sell no auction treasure cards?  I am overloaded with them and if they cant be sold what can be done with them?"


I hear ya, Roxie.  I currently have 999/999 treasure cards myself.  I really need to offload some of them.  Here's a few things you can do.

1- I hate to even recommend this, but if you have a second account, several players will create new level one players just to hold treasure cards on.  They just trade them over and when the crafting bug comes calling, they'll dig up whichever character was holding whichever treasure card and trade it back to themselves.

2- Trade them to a lowbie . . . just to be awesome. There's nothing cooler than going into an MMO and someone dumps a game changing item on you.  This has only ever happened to me a couple times, but I have to say . . . random acts of kindness rock.

3- Use them. If you can't actually use them in battle, go find someone you can help out with that "one weird treasure card" that's just not right for your class. . . . and what if this is a GARDENING treasure card you're talking about? Well, you really should be doing some gardening!! It's great!

4- Delete them.  How? Just right click on the treasure card you want to dump and say YES.

It's as easy as that . . . and, again, what if it's a GARDENING Treasure card?  Same thing, only from a different location.

You go into your gardening spells, select the treasure card there, and right click. POOF!  It's gone.

5- Hope for something better in the future? I know it's been discussed and discussed, but there's always time to bring it up again . . . never forget you can make requests for new features and conveniences on the official message boards right here: click me!

Best of luck and thanks for the question. If anyone has additional thoughts, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Happy Dueling!

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RaltsMaster said...

I understand your pain, Friendly. It stinks when my Necromancer got two special bubble field spell TCs(Combustion and Katabaric Wind) which were useless to her and she had to destroy them. Think of how many Ice and Fire Wizards would pay through the nose to get a spell that grants a bubble with increased Critical and Pierce!!! :(