Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tom and The Dings!

(Tom and the Dings should be my next band name . . .) You blink your eyes and a month has gone by since your last post. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!

I just wanted to catch you up a bit on my gaming life here and let you know I'm all good . . . I didn't die in a turkey explosion over Thanksgiginv. :)

So, let's talk gaming shall we? We shall! First up . . . Star Wars The Old Republic.

Several weeks back someone from the Marketing team said, let's all play Star Wars together! And surprisingly five of us were like . . . I'm in! Well, it didn't work out so good.  Half of us subscribed and half of us didn't, and the disparity in levels caused most to fizzle out and stop playing after a couple of weeks.

I kept playing since I had never really given the game a fair handshake. I mean, I had tried the game, got a few quests into the tutorial, sent a child off to his death as a sith, and said . . . nope nope nope . . . I'm done. It disturbed me, and I didn't want anything to do with the game.

This time I played a good guy making good guy choices, and my experience was much different. This here is Pok├ętom the level 65 (max level) Smuggler (Scoundrel sub-class) and his wookie companion, Bowdaar. He's a rogue with a heart of gold ala Han Solo. ;)

Oh, he's a joy and a pleasure to look at, my friends. *whistles* Strangely enough he's not wearing his banana pants anymore. (Thank you to my friends who showed up to watch me play SWTOR a few weeks ago over Twitch. The joke is in the link. ;))

Now, as with most MMOs, the "real game" starts when you hit max level, but I'm not heavily invested enough and don't really have the time to build my gear profile and raid and all that, so . . . I'm officially unsubscribed.

I enjoyed my time playing Pok├ętom to max level, and it was an entertaining story. There were plenty of opportunities for me to make light and dark choices, but I'm definitely a light side of the force type of guy. Between my time in SWTOR and rewatching all the old Star Wars, I will be sufficiently hyped for December 18th when the force awakens and all that. YESH!


Next, I have to talk about Rise and Destroy! I beat level 60!

Wootah! I had so much fun playing Rise and Destroy. I'm still playing it to collect gold and power up my monsters. I was more than happy to provide a couple of play through videos for a couple of my Twitter followers. I don't think I'd spoil all the levels for everyone, and there's more than one way to finish a level, but in case you'd like to check the game out . . . here you go:

I pretty much have to play this game on Bluestacks unfortunately. A few people at my work tell me that's cheating, but listen . . . I can't even play the game on my iPhone 4S. This game is optimized for play on larger and more powerful devices, and I don't have one. I would prefer to play this game on a tablet, but Santa has a long wish list from me and I don't think an iPad is in my near future. ;)

As far as cheap tablet emulators go, I've been pretty happy with my Bluestacks experience.  Good stuff as far as I'm concerned.


Finally, let's talk Wizard101!

I'm late to the party here, but Polaris has released and that means Thomas Lionblood's progression to level 110 can begin again. Last night, Thomas Lionblood with the assistance of my Russian buddy, Boris the OP Storm wizard (and his Glowbugs), hit level 101 in Wizard101!

Per standard Wizard101 play, I'd blade up Boris, feint the boss a few times  . . and BOOM! Zdravstvuyte to the damage, and do svidaniya to the enemies.

I also got a chance to spend some time as our lady Morganthe.

I loved those fights in the Chamber of the Mind! Those were extremely fun, and I loved playing as Morganthe.  Gotta say, my ninja pig healing pet was a super star for me in that final fight. :) Go LADY DEXTER!

I'll be joining you all in Polaris as soon as I can. :)


Hope you're all doing well and having fun with what you're doing. Drop me a note in the comments below and let me know what you've been playing lately and how things are going for you.

Happy Dueling!


Edward Lifegem said...

Star Wars The Old Republic is a pretty awesome game. I remember watching you play that game a few weeks ago (might be a month :P). That game looks like it's fun and there's a challenge behind which is always awesome.I'm thinking about trying it out after finals. BANANA PANTS! Btw, congratulations on beating both Star Wars and level 60 on Rise & Destroy! I need to try out Rise & Destroy again, I haven't had as much time as I want to play it. Don't feel about being behind on W101. I won't be able to play W101 Polaris until after this semester is over (Thursday)! I can't wait to try everything out! I've heard many great things about this new world! :D Thank you for making a post, it's always nice reading your new blog posts.

Games I'll play over break: Pirate101, Wizard101, Crowfall, Star Wars and maybe a few of the Bioshock games on Xbox. :)

Stingite said...

@Edward: BANANA PANTS! Glad you enjoyed it, and that sounds like a nice line up of games for the Winter break. :)

I need to spend some quality time with Terraria and definitely Wizard101. It'd be nice to have some Pirate101 time with Vanessa in Twitch as well. hehe.

Anne Radcliffe said...

I'm with you, Tom: only good guys to play for me! I simply don't enjoy it otherwise. Mind you, I do like characters making tough choices and not necessarily taking the right path... that can be good storytelling, and what I really love is a good story.

Life has been stuffed full of Nutcracker, so very little gaming for me the past few months! Our daughter was the Snow Queen this year; so beautiful, graceful, and strong. I started imagining stories about the Snow Queen. (Hmm... Anne comes to the aid of the Snow Queen... how would that work?...)

Now performances are over, the sewing machine has a bit of a rest, and I am enjoying presents (especially new pets!) on Pirate and playing Wizard too!