Monday, February 23, 2015

Big Ben Book Pedestal?

I got another email from Valdus! He asks this: "I found this book at the Royal Museum, And i'm wondering what its for, any ideas? ​Or since you work at Kingsisle maybe you can ask your co-worker(s)?"

Heya Valdus! I have an answer for you . . . but I'm also going to show you how I found the result, because that's far more interesting than the answer . . . it's a quest goal for Ice Wizards for their level 78 spell quest.  They get to read all about Woolly Mammoths here. :) 

Actually this is all the quest goal says for Ice Wizards:

"Your eyes glaze over as you read extensively on the subject of Mammoths (Woolly)."

When I first went looking for the answer, I Googled: "Big Ben Book Pedestal"

That didn't get me what I wanted, so I narrowed the search a bit and got more specific with ""locate book pedestal" royal museum Wizard101" and this was right on the money.

If only Life could always be a clean Google search result with only one topic, am I right?! It led me right to Wizard101 Central's wonderful wiki page that mentions locating a book pedestal in the Royal Museum. The key really was using the search term "Royal Museum" in conjunction with exactly how the quest goal would read in quotations, "locate book pedestal." 

I'm hoping that solved the mystery. If not, I'm sure I'll have an Ice Wizard pop in and say "nuh uh!" and leave a comment for us.  In that case, the mystery will continue, but I'm about 99% sure this is the book we're looking for. I can't remember if my Ice Wizard has that spell or not. It seems familiar, but I should probably log her in and see what quest she's on. 

Happy Dueling

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