Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Harvest Hannah!!! (oh yeah, and new dungeons)

You know her . . . you love her . . . Ladies and Gentleman . . .


Girl gonna sell you some turkey hats!

In somewhat less exciting news ;p four new dungeons and a whole bunch of new features. Enjoy and read all about it in the Update Notes!!!

. . . I gotta get to level 100!!!

Happy Dueling

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

"....I gotta get to level 100" LOL
*Resists urge to start saying wonderful things about Darkmoor and then looking at you and saying "Oh but you can't play that yet can you? Why can't you play that? Oh yes, that's right, You aren't level 100 (With a delightfully teasing voice). What's that? What level are you? Only 90 something?*

Granted I DO realize that the whole teasing is moot as you can play any level you want on the internal servers but I just could NOT resist :D

Your posts are always so well done and with such delightful humor. Leala is blessed to be picked on with humor as fine as yours :D