Sunday, March 2, 2014

Awesome Thing #45 -- Glowy Eyes

I was recently doing the Lost Pages event with Uber Wife. Basically this event happens every few months and only lasts a week or two. Some regular mobs in the world get replaced with "Spellwrit" mobs, and you have to defeat 10 of them to gain access to a short boss tower. It's no big task downing Spellwrit Screamers on Triton Avenue, but it takes a bit to chew through the 6,000+ hitpoints of the Spellwrit Wingtooths in Azteca. O.O

Anyway . . . all of that is great, but . . . GLOWY EYES!

Each of the possessed students of the Lost Pages event has GLOWY EYES, and I really want a pair for my wizard. :) We have them in Pirate101 as well . . . like on Cadmus here:

And because glowy eyes are super cool--they make my awesome things list. :)

Happy Dueling

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