Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Feeling Overwhelmed? Dude, just game! ;p

Heya! To say I've been ignoring my blog is a total understatement. Sorry about that. I've been feeling overwhelmed I suppose -- actually, this whole past year has been pretty overwhelming in general. You know you've got it bad when you start browsing pages like this instead of pages like this.

But to say I haven't had any time to game would be a total lie. Just to catch you up, I've now dinged 57 in Pirate101 on my Witchdoctor and entered Aquila, and of course, destroying Marleybone's version of the Death Star (or what have you) was extremely satisfying!

My Marleybone experience was super fun, and I loved riding around on my Pennyfarthing mount!

Best . . . mount . . . ever. But to be honest, right now playing Pirate101 for me just feels a bit like HURRY UP AND FINISH THE GAME! I need to get through it once on my own, and it's kind of weighing on me that I haven't been all the way through yet.

I will say that it feels pretty awesome to finally have a new ship though after steering around in that Marleybone Galleon for so long. Bring on the Aquilian ships! I love the design, and I love everything about them. (psst, you really should head over to the official Pirate101 fan sites to see if they're holding contests right now wink wink.)

And, to switch games entirely on you, over in the world of DC Universe Online, my character has hit CR 80, whoa . . . never thought I'd hit CR 80 . . . . I've been busily doing my daily missions trying to earn marks and get new gear. Currently that means splitting my time between Ace Chemicals and Stryker Island performing a couple quests for the steelworks foreman in each location until a grand total of 5 missions is reached for the week, and then you get a pretty challenging instance that awards you an awesome piece of gear and a slew of marks.

I'm looking more and more like a member of Daft Punk.

The past few weeks our static group has been having a heck of a time trying to take down the Judge in this insane Tier 3 instance. Last Sunday we pulled him down to 10 percent life and lost it. It's a frantic encounter that's full of complexity and something that has been a bit of an uber challenge for our group. In every game we've play (aside from Diablo 3), we've always run into one or two encounters that just stonewall the group for a few weeks, this is our wall lately.

ANYWAY, today is the last day of school for our kids, so THIS IS AWESOME! Not to be selfish or anything, but this bodes well for my blog. I would spend an hour and a half in the morning getting my kids off to school and now . . . MORE ME TIME! hehe.

So, hopefully I can blog a bit more here in the near future.

Happy Dueling!


Swordroll said...

You just need to let old boss-man-sir know that you can't properly address and respond to game questions and issues without first having thoroughly played yourself!

"What are you doing today?"
"Oh, just gam- er, providing a full analysis of the newest project updates to ensure quality and gain a new understanding so as to better serve the community as a representative of KingsIsle Entertainment. Yeah, that."

As a side note, now I'm going to have to go farming for these glasses. Don't overwork(/game) yourself now! :P


The Fabulous K said...

....And that's why games were invented. So when you defeat a quest, a boss or completed a goal, it makes you go "What stress? What? Why was I overwhelmed? I got no clue. All I know I RAWKED today!" :P

Colin K said...

Dude, it can’t rain everyday but sun doesn’t shine every day either. I tend to get overwhelmed and depressed pretty easily and even a minor thing can let me down. Hooray for dudes that invented games and give us a little bit of responsibility/commitment/stress/hustle-free cure for depression! By the way, this one helped me with my another demon – procrastination
Once you learn how to cope with it, you’ll feel much better, that’s a promise