Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ding 50 -- Bad Pedro Pace!


Bad Pedro Pace has finished the game and dinged 50 at the same time (yes that means I skipped a lot of sidequests ;p).

On Plus side: It was quite fun and interesting to experience the game as a Privateer. There were definitely different challenges to playing this way as to playing as a Witchdoctor, but there were a lot of similarities in that my first rounds were still filled with buffing -- Only instead of buffing with JuJu, I was buffing with things like Discipline and Call to Arms. If things got sticky, healing spells were readily available.

The ability to buff mid-combat when all my companions were spread out to the far reaches of the battleboard was nice too. Gotta love those accuracy buffs when you get a bad draw of mismatched companions, right?

I think what I noticed most was my power to turn the tide when joining others in combat. Oh my word, I was a super awesome support person that would literally save the day! Throwing down Valor's on some weakened companions and healing the entire team makes the Privateer the ultimate life saver--Listen people, you WANT Privateers in your group. :) Also, if you wanted to only play as a passive character in Pirate101, I think this would be the class to do it with.

On the Down side: My nautical level really suffered the second time through the game. I found myself less willing to grind up that Nautical level like I was with my first character and ended up being a level 50 player with a level 32 Nautical, and that's only because I stumbled upon a Nautical exp party someone was having in the skyways . . . otherwise I probably would have ended up at a level 30 Nautical. (yes, I know, I really did ignore most of my side quests.)

Thank you random people having a Nautical exp party! Y'all were worth an extra three nautical levels! It's too bad more Nautical exp parties don't happen in the Haunted Skyways of Cool Ranch when you really are feeling the pinch, right? (I believe there are a couple high powered ships in that particular skyway if I remember right.)

So, next up for me will be a romp through the game as either a Buccaneer or a Musketeer. My Buccaneer is currently level 18, so he would be the easiest to play, and he's leveled up to my son's character. My Musketeer is only level 8 I think, and is still hanging out with Uber Wife's character in Skull Island.

Either way, I'm still on that goal of getting all the character classes through the game.

See you in the skyways,

Happy Dueling!

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Anonymous said...

Pedro's sword is awesome! I hafta find one of those.