Monday, March 4, 2013

Avenging Fossil!


You thought I wasn't even playing Wizard101 right now, didn't you?

It's all Pirate101 this and Pirate101 that . . . WRONG!


I'm just super happy about getting my new Level 88 spell, that's all . . . and it comes straight out of Malistaire's old spellbook, yo. Check it out!

Which makes one wonder . . . hmmm . . . why didn't Malistaire cast the Avenging Fossil on me back in Dragonspyre instead of wave after wave of vampires. ;) hehe. Seriously though, Angus is super happy he did not cast that spell, but man, wouldn't an updated harder version of Malistaire rock?

I digress.

I didn't run into too much trouble picking this spell up this morning. It just took a bit of time to chew through Tezomoc Stone Singer and his two tower shield casting ice minions.


It's a pretty cool spell with a nice single target attack combined with a DoT spell for all other enemies. Not bad! I know a lot of death wizards keep hoping for more AoE life drain spells, but I'll take the Avenging Fossil. Besides, I gotta say I was happy to see it looked like a Stegosaurus. #1 FAVORITE DINOSAUR EVA! Right after this guy . . .

Happy dueling!


Elizabeth GoldenThistle said...

Yay! More Wizard101! :D

yo said...

o-o w101 rulez