Friday, August 3, 2012

What the SPPUD? Ze Test Realm Cometh!

Heya readers!

So, personally, my head has been swimming in Pirate101 to the Nth degree. There are just a lot of exciting things happening lately in the back channels, and it's been causing me to forget this blog even exists.


I will tell you though the new changes coming to Wizard101 are very exciting and have the whole KingsIsle team snapping their toes in excitement. Changes you say? Oh yeah, be sure to check out these update notes: click! (Professor G made those with love, so I hope you dig 'em.)

And for those of you who are anti-clicking (the largesh group of anti-click-ites), here's a quick summary: The test realm is coming online wee! You're going to see a FIFTH pet talent open up now, and you'll be playing TWO new pet mini-games! Puppet Teaming in PVP is being addressed. There are three new elixirs in the crown shop for the crafting and pet hatching types. The cool class specific looking clothes in the crown shop can now be dyed. There's new housing items you can grab off the ground hidden around The Spiral. And WHAM BAM BOOF, there's just a ton of other little changes that you gotta read about (seriously, anti-click-ites, just click).

I think the best question I've seen raised out of all of this is, what the heck is going to be the new acronym for the ultimate pet talents? It used to be SPUD: Spritely, Spell-Proof, Unicorn, Spell-Defy? Personally I'm thinking it'll be SPPUD! (Spritely, Spell-Proof, Pain-Giver, Unicorn, Spell-Defy). No idea though.

In the meantime while your brain is processing the enormity of SPPUD as a new acronym, why don't you hop on over to Central and rock the vote! Do you like that the Krazy KingsIsle place added a fifth pet talent, or are you crying BUNK!

While you're there, rock the vote on this one too . . . which pet game are you most looking forward to!

Have fun and see you in The Spiral.

Happy Dueling


Katherine Light said...

Can we do DUPPS? That just sounds fun to say.

Chris DrakeFlame said...

I'm thinking about PUPD'S.. o_o.. I like pie :D

Elizabeth GoldenThistle said...

So you post about the W101 updates but not that P101 beta came out today? O_O

Elizabeth GoldenThistle said...

Happy birthday, Friendly!