Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wizard101 Damage Calculator

Dearest number crunchers,

Ok, we Wizard101 fans have a really awesome site at our disposal now. Seriously, I LOVE THIS THING!

I've added it to my top sites up there in the right hand corner.

Ok, so say you're up against a boss in Dragonspyre and you have a +20% curse, a +40 death trap, and a +40% deathblade. You think you should have enough to kill him if you drop a wraith in the next round when all of a sudden the boss casts weakness on you.


Then you're faced with the question we're all faced with at some point. Do I have enough to kill this guy through the weakness debuff anyway?

OK, I alt+tab out real quick and enter in the data

There we go, I've entered all my data, and now all I need to do is click the calculate damage button!


DANGIT! Not enough.

Hmmm, I say to myself, I wonder what would happen to that if I throw a feint up?

YES! That will give me 1873 points of damage now . . . LAY THE SMACK DOWN!

(I imagine this little tool is awesome in PvP.)

My friends, this here is an awesome tool for all Wizard 101 players.


Happy Dueling!


Isaiah Spelldust said...

I know I love it! It calculates the damage no matter the traps/shields/blades!

Anonymous said...

Can you help me, my traps don't work?

Alexander Mythfinder said...

Can you help me? My traps wont work on it! OT: Also, PARTY ON WIZARD101 AT 4-2-11 AT 4:00-10:00 ET YOU INVITED!